>  Employment Agreements & Severance Negotiations

Employment Agreements & Severance Negotiations

Severance Negotiations and Employment Agreements

Did you just receive a job offer, but that offer contains legal terms that concern you, or which you have questions about?

Are you in the process of negotiating an exit from your current employer, but you need legal representation or advice on the terms of that exit?

We’re here to help, and we have reviewed and advised employees on hundreds of employment and severance agreements.

We understand the temptation to just “sign on the dotted line” when presented with a lengthy employment agreement, but all employees should understand the rights and obligations involved before doing so.

New employment agreements might contain non-competition, non-solicitation, arbitration, confidentiality/non-disclosure, non-disparagement, and many other different kinds of contractual requirements that could affect your employment rights for years to come.

Severance agreements might contain similar provisions, as well as provisions preventing you from seeking re-hire with your present employer, provisions that require you to release legal claims against your present employer, provisions that require you to cooperate with your employer in future legal proceedings, and many other, complex clauses that could affect your future career, and your ability to seek recourse for illegal conduct that you experienced in the workplace.

We urge you to get legal advice before entering into employment and severance contracts.

Submit a request for a legal consultation to speak with us about your employment contract or severance issue.