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Terms & Conditions

Updated: FEBRUARY 2023

Welcome to districtemploymentlaw.com (referred to herein as the “Site”), as operated by DISTRICT EMPLOYMENT LAW PLLC. These are our rules if you want to use our Site and the services or products available from our Site. If you do not agree to these rules, you cannot use our Site. We can change these rules whenever we want and will post the new rules on our Site, whether you notice them or not. We have intentionally written them in a way that avoids legalese so that everyone can clearly understand and agree to the rules and understand their rights and responsibilities.

We hope there won’t be any problems and that you will reach out to us if you are having issues with our Site, service, or products.

1.0 Site Services

We agree to provide you with services (referred to herein as the “Service” or “Services”) through districtemploymentlaw.com. In exchange for providing this Service, we require you to follow these rules:

  1. You must be at least 13 years old to use the Site, or if you are a resident of the EU, you must be at least 16 years old. Don’t lie about your age. If you are under 18, you agree that a parent or legal guardian agrees to these rules on your behalf.
  2. Don’t use the Site to do anything illegal or break the rules in our Terms & Conditions of Use (referred to herein as the “Terms & Conditions” or the “Agreement”).
  3. Don’t change anything about our Site or applications, upload any type of virus or malware, or do anything that might interfere with the way the Site or its Services work.
  4. Don’t do anything that might affect how other people use and enjoy the Site. Be a good neighbor.
  5. Don’t encourage anyone to break these rules.
  6. Use your common sense, and be a good human.
  7. Don’t post anything violent, or anything that promotes violence or violent groups, or that might make other people feel scared.
  8. Don’t post content that contains nudity, sexual violence, or commercial sexual services.
  9. Don’t post content that promotes crime or anything that would break United States law.
  10. Don’t post content related to certain regulated goods, like selling or trading non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, or marijuana.
  11. Don’t bully anyone or post anything horrible about people. By bullying, we mean making a degrading statement about someone or posting inappropriate images that threaten someone. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, you shouldn’t say it on the Site. And if you can’t say anything nice or at least constructive, maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.
  12. Don’t post personal or private information about someone else. This includes someone’s contact information like their phone number, address, email, location, or other private details.
  13. Don’t post stuff that doesn’t belong to you or infringes upon someone else’s intellectual property.

2.0 Your Rights

2.1 You have the right to feel safe using the Site.

2.2 You have the right to your privacy on the Site. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

2.3 Any communications made through our blog, blog comments, newsletter sign-up, or other pages, or directly to us through phone, mail, or email, are not confidential and are subject to viewing and distribution by third parties. However, this excludes all attorney-client privileged communications made as part of a formal attorney-client relationship that we have established with you, or communications that are otherwise provided to us in advance of a legal consultation that you have scheduled, or are seeking to schedule, with us. We own any and all communications displayed on our website, servers, comments, emails, or other media as allowed by United States law, and we will not give credit or pay royalties for unsolicited user-generated content such as blog comments or emails. For more information on when and how we store and use your communications or any data provided by you in those communications, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to republish or distribute anything you upload to our Site as reasonable in the course of our business. You agree not to submit any content that could be illegal or serve an unlawful purpose, including, but not limited to, content that is potentially libelous or maliciously false, obscene, abusive, negligent, or otherwise harmful or inappropriate.

2.4 You are responsible for anything you do on the Site under your login, including things you post and comment on. You are responsible for making sure the stuff you post belongs to you, including any music or photos. If you post something you shouldn’t and get a fine, you will have to pay it.

3.0 Our Rights

3.1 We are not responsible for the following:

  1. Links to other companies or websites, even when the link shows up in the Site.
  2. What happens when you connect your Site account to another website or service, including sharing a picture or video. You should read the rules for that service to know your rights.
  3. The data cost on your mobile device for using the Site or its Services.
  4. Any content that is stolen or copied from the Site by someone else.

3.2 We can end the Site and its Services at any time or stop you from using the Site at any time for any reason without letting you know beforehand. We can also delete content you have uploaded for any reason, whether you think that content violated our rules or not. We do not have to pay you if we delete content that was making you money.

4.0 Intellectual Property Rights

All images, text, designs, graphics, trademarks, and service marks are owned by and property of DISTRICT EMPLOYMENT LAW PLLC, or the properly attributed party. It is a violation of federal law to use any of our intellectual property in whole or in part, and modification of any materials contained on this Site is illegal and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent permissible, including by asking for financial penalties (damages) and/or an injunction forcing you to stop using our intellectual property immediately. Do not try to use our stuff, remove it, change it, or claim to be us without written permission.

(A) Limited Use with Attribution: You may use our intellectual property with clear and obvious credit back to our Site, as well as correct links back to the page where the materials, designs, images, text, quotes, or posts are specifically located. You may never claim any of our intellectual property as your own or your original creation, however, even with attribution. Please utilize the grandma test: If a grandma saw the content on your website, she should understand that the content is NOT yours. If you cannot make the distinction that clear, then please do not use our content in any way.

5.0 This Agreement

5.1 If you use other third-party services on the Site, including payment services, you will need to follow those third-party services’ rules or terms and conditions. If any of those rules conflict with these rules, those rules will win.

5.2 If a court finds any term of this Agreement unenforceable, the other rules will still be valid.

5.3 Any changes to these rules must be made in writing. If we fail to enforce any of these rules for any reason, we still have the right to enforce them in the future, and our behavior will not be a waiver of our overall rights in this Agreement.

5.4 We reserve all the rights we did not expressly grant or tell you about in this Agreement.

5.5 No one else besides you and us (no third parties) have rights under this Agreement.

5.6 You cannot give these rights or obligations to someone else without our consent. We can give our rights and obligations to someone else, however, like if we change ownership by selling part or all of our business, or if we need to for legal reasons.

6.0 Advertising, Affiliates, and Testimonials

 This Site may use advertising or affiliate links to sell certain products or services. We disclaim any and all liability as a result of your purchase through one of these links. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you when and where we have placed ads or affiliate links in addition to this disclaimer located in these Terms & Conditions. You accept express liability for any and all consequences or benefits of clicking the affiliate links contained on this website or related communications. Any testimonials reflect the accurate experience of the person quoted, however, your results with any particular product or service may vary.

7.0 Limits on Liability

7.1 The Site operates as is, and we can’t guarantee it will be safe and secure or will work perfectly all the time. Sometimes crazy things and mistakes happen, even when we try to find reliable vendors to help us operate the Site and its Services. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, WE ALSO DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. We do not control or direct what people and others do or say, and we are not responsible for their actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or any content they share (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content). We also aren’t responsible for services and features offered by other people or companies, even if you access them through our Service. You should read and agree to their rules and terms.

7.2 We cannot predict when issues might arise with our Service. Accordingly, our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. We are not responsible for lost profits, data, or any kind of damages connected to your use of the Site.

7.3 You agree to defend (at our request), indemnify, and hold us harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or connected with these Terms & Conditions or your use of the Service. You will cooperate as required by us in the defense of any claim. We reserve the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by you, and you may not settle any claim without our prior written consent.

7.4 Nothing on the Site, or offered through its services or products, is intended to diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness. No information on the Site is intended to be legal, medical, or financial advice and is for educational purposes only, unless clearly marked otherwise. Further, the communication of information on the Site does not create an attorney-client relationship.

8.0 How We Will Handle Disputes

8.1 We hope there won’t be any problems and that you will reach out to us if you are having issues with our Service. But, if you have a legal problem with the Site, you agree to use binding arbitration under the AAA, which means you will not get to go to court by yourself or with others or be part of a class-action lawsuit or arbitration. We and you waive a trial by jury. However, the following claims don’t have to be arbitrated and may be brought to court: small claims, intellectual property disputes (like copyrights and trademarks), or efforts to interfere with the Services or engage with the Service in unauthorized ways. A court can also decide issues about the scope and enforceability of these arbitration provisions.

8.2 For any claim that is not arbitrated or resolved in small claims court, you agree that it will be resolved exclusively in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia or the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. You also agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of either of these courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim.

8.3 The laws of the District of Columbia, to the extent not preempted by or inconsistent with federal law, will govern these Terms & Conditions and any claim related thereto, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

8.4 We appreciate feedback, but we may use any of your comments without any obligation to pay you and do not have to keep them confidential. For questions about this policy, you can email us at SUPPORT@DISTRICTEMPLOYMENTLAW.COM.

9.0 No Legal Advice and Disclaimer as to Accuracy of Information

The information contained on our Site is for informational purposes only and may or may not reflect the most current legal developments. We cannot promise or guarantee that information on our Site is correct or complete, and you should not rely on it for legal purposes. The information on our Site is not legal advice. Further, the information on our Site is general in nature, whereas legal advice must be tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of each case. Therefore, you should not rely on the general information on our Site as a substitute for legal advice from competent counsel.